Become a member


To become a member of MSHV Manos, you will have to buy a membership through our website. To do so, please click here.
You can purchase a membership for the following periods:

Full academic yearSeptember 2023July 202470 65
First semesterSeptember 2023January 2024€ 40
Second semesterJanuary 2024July 2024€ 40

If you sign up before September 30th, a membership for the full academic year will only cost €65. From October 1st, the membership will cost €70.

These memberships start on the first day of the first month and end on the last day of the last month.

For your membership to be valid, you must also possess a ‘Sports’ or ‘All-in-One’ membership to UM Sports for the whole period that you are a member of MSHV Manos. This has to be either a ‘semester’ or an ‘annual’ membership. A monthly membership does not allow you to join a student sports club. For more information on these regulations, check out the website of UM Sports.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the way in which UM Sports memberships are bought and paid has been changed. UM students, employees, and PhD candidates will have to purchase their membership online, through MyUSC. If you do not fall into one of those categories, you will need to purchase a UM Sports membership at the USC desk. Additionally, upfront payments are no longer required. Membership fees for UM Sports will be incurred through direct debit. For more information about that, please click here.

Proof of possession of your UM Sports membership needs to be submitted to MSHV Manos by emailing it to before the latter of the following deadlines:
– 14 days after purchasing the membership to MSHV Manos;
– 14 days after the start date of the membership to MSHV Manos.

A screenshot of your profile on MyUSC in combination with an overview of your UM Sports memberships from MyUSC will be accepted as a proof of membership.

Additionally, you will need to add MSHV Manos to your MyUSC account by navigating to ‘My Account’, and then ‘Associations’.

Your membership to MSHV Manos shall be suspended in case proof of possession of your UM Sports membership is not submitted before the deadline. The suspension shall be lifted as soon as proof has been submitted and verified.

Failure to submit proof or failure to acquire an appropriate UM Sports membership is not a ground for a refund of your MSHV Manos membership. Failure to acquire an appropriate UM Sports membership can lead to sanctions imposed by UM Sports and MUSST. These sanctions are the responsibility of the MSHV Manos member who has failed to acquire the UM Sports membership and shall be passed onto the member accordingly.

A membership is not refundable.
A membership is not automatically renewed.
For more regulations, please click here.