Membership Semester 2022-2023


This is a membership for MSHV Manos for 1 semester during the academic year 2022-2023



This is a membership for MSHV Manos for 1 semester during the academic year 2022-2023

By purchasing a membership to MSHV Manos, you agree with all of our legal policies, as found on

Specifically, you also agree with our Refund and Membership Policy, as found on

A membership to MSHV Manos is only valid if the member also posesses a ‘Sports’ or ‘All-in-One’ membership to UM Sports for the duration of their membership to MSHV Manos. For more information on this, please visit the website of UM Sports.
Proof of posession of the UM Sports membership needs to be submitted to MSHV Manos by sending an e-mail to before the latter of the following deadlines:
– 14 days after purchasing the membership to MSHV Manos;
– 14 days after the start date of the membership to MSHV Manos.
The e-mail should contain a screenshot taken from MyUSC, showing you posess a ‘Sports’ or ‘All-in-One’ UM Sports membership for the duration of your membership to MSHV Manos.
Failure to submit proof or failure to acquire the appropiate UM Sports membership is not a ground for a refund of the membership. The membership to MSHV Manos shall be suspended in case proof of posession of said membership is not submitted before the deadline. The suspension shall be lifted as soon as proof has been submitted and verified.
Failure to acquire an appropiate UM Sports membership can lead to sanctions imposed by UM Sports and MUSST. These sanctions are the responsibility of the MSHV Manos member who has failed to acquire the UM Sports membership and shall be passed on to the member accordingly.